Our Story

Eumarrah has been selling natural and organic wholefoods in Tasmania since 1985.

We believe that what we eat is so important to our health, happiness and well being. It also has a major impact on our environment. We consider all these facets and aim to provide affordable, quality wholefoods, while acting sustainably.

Waste-free living lies close to our heart. We have over 400 bulk self-serve products - from flours, grains, cereals, pasta, nuts and seeds, dried fruit, tofu, legumes and pulses through to oils and liquids, peanut butter (come and try our peanut butter machine!), honey, herbs, spices, tea, chocolate, snacks, toiletries and cleaning products. This allows you to fill your own containers, which reduces packaging, and let's you buy exactly the quantity that you need!

We also have over 1500 grocery items, carefully chosen to be natural, ethical and environmentally friendly. We proudly support local products and businesses doing great things for the planet. A lot of our products also cater for people with different health and dietary requirements - with a huge range of vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free products.

Our deli offers a delicious range of fresh and healthy takeaway options, such as healthy salads and hot soup (Hobart deli only), slices and sweet treats - made with natural ingredients, organic where ever possible.

The world is now at an turning point. Eumarrah is trying to reduce humanity's impact by being both responsible and ethical in many ways:

  • We offer bulk foods - you can help yourself and buy as little or as much as you want! This reduces food waste, reduces packaging and reduces the cost.
  • We encourage customers to bring empty containers and jars to refill with the foods that they need, instead of using paper bags.
  • We let people donate their unwanted jars and containers for customers to reuse for their shopping.
  • Our deli uses compostable BioPak containers for our take-away options, and we encourage you to bring your own containers.
  • For years we provided a recycling bin for soft plastics that were sent to Melbourne to be turned into building materials. This service is currently not available due to no Tasmanian waste services taking soft plastics for recycling, and Redcycle not taking soft plastics from small businesses.
  • Our Hobart deli reduces food waste by using our fresh produce in healthy salads and soups. We also use a composting system for food waste, as well as feed local chickens!
  • We sell a wide range of pulses and grains that have a far smaller environmental impact than meat - which takes a lot of land and energy to raise animals.
  • We support organic farming and production as it's better for our environment and our health.
  • Our fresh produce is in season and either certified organic, biodynamic, or locally grown chemical free - keeping it as fresh as possible and avoiding chemical sprays and food miles.
  • We support local growers, producers and the local community - we know the people who grow or make our food, how they grow the food, and have a connection with them.
  • We stock a large range of environmentally friendly, reusable and zero waste products to help support you to transition to a more waste free way of living.
  • We try to stock products with reusable, recyclable, biodegradable or compostable packaging where possible.

Eumarrah has two stores located in Hobart and Launceston. We also have a Wholesale Warehouse based in Derwent Park (Hobart), that supplies to other shops, businesses and restaurants all around Tasmania.

Visit the friendly team at Eumarrah and embrace a better way to shop.

Where does the name Eumarrah come from?

Our name actually comes from Tasmanian Aboriginal leader Kanneherlargenner, who was the Aboriginal leader of the Stoney Creek people of the northern Midlands in the 1820s. Eumarrah stood up for the rights of his people, while he also had good relations with some settlers. His original name was Kanneherlargenner, 'Eumarrah' was a later nickname he was given after working for a farmer called Hugh Murray.

Before calling the business 'Eumarrah' we had good discussions with the Tasmanian Aboriginal community, who were very happy for this forgotten bit of Tasmanian history to be told.

We would like to pay respect to the traditional and original owners of this land, the Tasmanian Aboriginal people - to pay respect to those that have passed before us and to acknowledge today's Tasmanian Aboriginal people who are the custodians of this land.