Useful information for online ordering

Thank you for choosing to shop online at Eumarrah.

Here are some tips and information to make the process easier for your retail order. Online ordering is currently not available for wholesale.

Bulk refill quantities

You can order whatever quantity you require - as little or as much as you need!

We weigh out all bulk products to the quantity you request. We will be as accurate as practical, but the actual quantity may be slightly more or less than what you order. Don't worry, we will charge you only for the actual amount supplied.

For some products (mainly herbs and spices) there is a minimum purchase weight, which is what you will see in the quantity box in the online store.


There are several container options available for us to pack your order, and you can specify any special preferences in the checkout notes.

Our default is to use paper bags for dry foods, BioPak containers for peanut butter and spreads, and new glass jars for liquids. We are happy to use our recycled jars or bottles (sterilised) if you let us know when placing your order (only available from Hobart at this stage). Please note there is a small charge for any new containers used, and this will be added to your order as extra.

In all cases we take the weight of the container off the total weight, so you are charged only for the quantity of product that you receive.

Container Drop Off Service (HOBART ONLY)

Drop off your bulk containers on the way to work and collect on your way home! Or swing by in the car at your convenience and collect your box of goodies on your way through.

Our Eumarrah Hobart refill service is a handy option for busy shoppers. Drop off your own jars/containers at our Hobart store between 9am - 6pm, Monday to Friday. Pick up is within opening hours Monday to Saturday. Please allow min 3 hours for packing.

Containers must be clean, undamaged & clearly labelled and free of any old product. We cannot pack damaged containers or glassware for food safety reasons.

If you would like any extra groceries or bulk refill products which you do not yet have a container for, please specify if you would like new (cost applies) or recycled containers (free, donated, sanitised jars).

Let us know if you are happy for us to substitute an appropriate item in case we are out of stock.

Payment - you can pay in-store on collection or via our online store. Alternatively, we can process the payment over the phone before you arrive.

Please note that we are unable to accept returns, except in the case of damaged or unacceptable stock.


The online store shows likely product availability, but sometimes things change rapidly.

If a product you order is not available, we will contact you to let you know. Bear in mind that your order will come from our nearest store (or the store you specify in comments at checkout), and only items that store carries will be available.

When will your order be ready?

We aim to have orders processed and ready to dispatch within 24 hours, but under some circumstances it may take a little longer. Although we try to get your order to you within a requested timeframe, this will depend on stock and freight availability, as well as other factors. Any orders placed over the weekend, will be received on Monday and processed accordingly. We will be in contact with you regarding collection times and substitutes.


Delivery options and costs will be presented for you to choose at checkout. We work with a number of couriers and depending on your location and shopping contents (eg. frozen or refrigerated goods), your order may involve additional charges or be limited to certain delivery windows or times. Unfortunately we do not offer delivery options on weekends, but you are welcome to collect in-store.

Free delivery applies to orders over $300 for much of Tasmania, and over $500 for centres along the Bass Highway as far as Wynyard.

Our team will contact you to discuss your delivery if necessary. For more information on deliveries, please contact us.

Chilled, Frozen & Fresh Produce

There may be delivery limitations for these products, depending on the delivery option selected and how fast delivery is. Please feel free to contact us with any queries.

Special orders

If you order a product that we order in specially for you it will be necessary to pay in advance.


While you do authorise payment when placing the order we don't actually process the payment until the order has been invoiced and we know what the final total will be, including the packing containers and delivery (see above).

If you don't have a bank card to pay online, please contact us for bank transfer details or to discuss other payment options.

Membership discounts

Eumarrah Membership discounts are only available for customers self-serving their shopping in-store. Online orders are carefully picked and processed by our team. This takes time, and therefore the discount is not able to be applied.

For more information please see our Terms & Conditions and Shipping & Returns pages